Tectonic International is the first major manufacturer of Print Inspection Systems to offer customers the latest digital camera technology along with press based and REMOTE monitoring.

COLOUR MONITORING, REGISTER CHECK and a plethora of optional extras abound along with WiFi LIVE IMAGE STREAMING TO AN iPAD or TABLET. This allows the press operator to monitor the print quality at the press using the installed monitor AND from the remote iPad/tablet. The iPad/tablet enables the printer to store live images when required for QA, customer sign off or for other given reasons.

Key staff invariably find themselves removed from the production floor as day-to-day running of the business takes them to another part of the building or another plant.
With K3WiFi installed on the presses, the printer or manager can, when removed from the shop floor continue to upon demand, monitor the live print run and store images from that run on their iPad/Tablet with stored images showing date and time stored.

K3WiFi Print Inspection System is a low cost, clever quality control tool which is proving invaluable to our customers. WiFi image streaming is included in the standard specification along with a tablet so that the printer and any other person responsible for the quality of the product can monitor the live run from any location.

The tablet supplied with the system can also be used to monitor the information supplied by a press manufacturer’s machine monitoring App. so the printer and QA team have statistical and visual records of the print run to hand.