If there is one piece of equipment that is sure to provide an immediate return on investment, it is a print inspection system.
However, the company believes that until now there has been a gap in the market between the basic video web inspection systems and the mid range active area scan inspection systems.

The latter monitor colour and detect defects 100 per cent in the area a camera is looking at before moving on to the next viewing area and verifying bar and pharmaceutical codes.

Above all, in the company’s opinion, a print inspection system is a quality control tool that should provide the operator with perfect picture quality and features that will make it substantially easier for him to produce the highest quality print, with as little waste as possible and with the minimum of setting up and downtime.
To date, the two technologies used in the manufacture of active inspection systems are line-scan, which should provide true 100 per cent print error detection and area-scan, which it is said allows the detection of errors on part of the web.