Zircon Technologies, a leading converter based in Noida, India, has ordered its third FLEXICO V5 Plate Mounting Machine from Tectonic International as part of their extensive expansion programme and to service several new printing presses.

This third FLEXICO V5 Plate Mounting Machine was again supplied by Tectonics’ New Delhi based agent Weldon Celloplast who explains: “Tectonic do not follow the pack but look outside the box designing quite revolutionary equipment. Not only are Tectonics designs clever they are very practical with features that are easy to set up and use so the equipment is used. This means that print quality is substantially improved and production costs all round reduced due to reductions in waste”.

Tectonic’s V5 offers fast and precise mounting of flexographic plates with the minimum of effort by the operator.
The plate is put on an adjustable plate-bed prior to mounting so the operators hands are free at all times and so that the plate does not stick to the adhesive prematurely.
Once the plate is in position on the plate bed and the register marks are visible on the monitors, a foot operated switch lowers a bar down on to the plate holding it firmly but gently in register. The plate can then be fine tuned using the position adjusters on the right and left hand side of the plate bed which “swivel” the plate bed for fine adjustment to the position of the plate.
Unable to accidentally move out of perfect register the plate can then be quickly mounted to the cylinder or sleeve.
The plate bed can be raised and lowered to accommodate cylinders of different repeat size.

Tectonics’ range of FLEXICO V5 plate mounting machines can be manufactured to work with one or several different presses from different manufacturers using cylinders and/or sleeves. This means fast payback for your investment and should you purchase a new press, Tectonic could provide you with additional adaptors so that the new press can work with your installed FLEXICO V5.